Top 17 interior design trends 2020

Welcome to, we hope that you will have a great time browsing our website and all the numerous features we can provide. We believe it’s very important to know how to decorate your home’s interior, and this is why we created a list with some of the best interior design trends 2020. So if you are very passionate about improving the way you decorate your home, then we are here to help. Check our list with the top 17 interior design trends in 2020 below.


  1. Black and white interior designs

While these two colors are contrasting, the thing to note is that they make for a stellar interior design. You can easily create a friendly, yet very impressive decorative experience thanks to these amazing colors.

Black and White Interior Design | Qolombo


  1. Velvet

Using velvet as a material might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it does stand out as a very comprehensive and professional solution. It offers the perfect blend of comfort and value, and the results will be very impressive every time. This is a great option for sofas.

 Velvet Decorations | Design

  1. Geometric patterns

This has been one of the top trends for many years, so it’s natural to see it in the interior design trends in 2020. You can use a variety of geometric patterns here, on stuff like light fixtures, décor pieces, notebooks, wallpapers, cups and so on. Having a geometric balance in your home looks great, and it just makes the interior décor comes to life.

Geometric Patterns Interior Design | Qolombo

  1. Canopy beds

Recently, more and more people started to use canopy beds. This is in the top 17 interior design trends in 2020 because it conveys a sense of luxury and comfort. Once you have canopy beds, you add a sense of comfort to your home, and that helps quite a bit.

Canopy Bed | Qolombo

  1. Curved sofas

The interior spaces are not always the largest ones out there. That’s especially true in large cities. As a result, you need to do whatever you can in order to make the most out of the unused space. Curved sofas are a great interior design trend because of that reason alone.

Curved Sofa | Qolombo

  1. Experiential design

You don’t want the design to be there just for the sake of it. You want it to stand out, and that means just decompressing and enjoying your time with items that you love. The focus is on creating a great experience, and once you do that, the results will be very impressive. Augment the design with these ideas, and you will be just fine.

Experiential Design | Qolombo

  1. Natural textiles

While there was a true focus on fake textiles for the past few years, natural textiles like linen, cotton, wools, and leather are coming back. They work great with the design scheme and look amazing. Plus, you can clean them with ease.

 Natural Textiles | Qolombo

  1. Custom oversized nightstands

You can easily break the rules and just use some very large nightstands. It’s all about knowing what approach works for you, and in this case being as creative as possible can make a lot of sense. Plus, these bed tables.

Oversized Nightstands | Qolombo

  1. Biophilia

Simply put, this is one of the top 17 interior design trends in 2020 that may continue to exist in the future. This is the relationship between nature and mankind. Adding in natural elements using organic materials for interior décor can make quite the difference. We are tech-driven as a society, so having a connection with nature is extremely important.

Biophilia | Qolombo

  1. Floral wallpapers and fabrics

Floral interior design trends are coming back. More and more people are adding floral patterns to fabrics and wallpapers. This brings in a very engaging, rewarding experience and the results on their own really make the process more intricate and convenient.

Floral Wallpapers | Qolombo

  1. Copper accents

Copper is one of the better interior design trends 2020 because it adds a sense of traditionalism, and it can easily mix in with a variety of products in your home. It also offers a breath of fresh air that you will like it immensely, which is definitely something that you want to keep in mind.

Copper Pan | Qolombo

  1. More brass

Recently, a lot more interior design experts started to use accents like brass for example. It’s a lot easier to work with, and it requires less maintenance. It’s very subtle and also brings you a sense of warmth that really makes the process stand out of the crowd in a clever and exciting manner.

Brass Decorations | Qolombo

  1. Patterned backsplash designs

The reason you want to add this to your bathroom or kitchen is because it makes the decoration a lot livelier. You can easily come up with a variety of color options here, that’s all up to you!

Backsplash Designs | Qolombo

  1. A mixture of metals

Metals are set to be all over the place, and it’s all thanks to materials like copper, tin, gold and silver. There are many metals that work really well combined with one another, such as brown metals and silver, for example. One thing to note here is that you don’t want to mix more than 3 metals at once, because you will make things too busy.

Metal Decorations | Qolombo

  1. Maximalism

While a lot of people still like minimalism, maximalism is replacing it this year. The main focus here is to convey a sense of grandeur. Colorful paintings, a gaudy décor, bright patterns and colors, all of these really make the difference and you will enjoy the experience quite a lot because of it.

Maximalism | Qolombo

  1. Vintage lighting

Vintage lighting stands out because it offers a sense of high standard and quality. These are great because they are using a variety of unique ideas and those are brought to the table in a very creative manner.

Vintage Lighting | Qolombo

  1. Matte finishes

These finishes look amazing and they offer a futuristic, relaxed set of visuals. You have a sleeker approach and the outcome itself can be quite amazing in its own right. These matte-finished furnishings are bringing unexpected silhouettes and hues that make your home look better than ever before.

Matte Finishes | Qolombo

These are the top interior design trends 2020 that you should use right away for your home. Not only are they very appealing, but they are also quite diverse, and they bring in an amazing experience and nice value for money. You should consider giving them a try, especially if you want to go with a room remodel!



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